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5 Websites for students to print out articles on Current Events! Excellent articles that students find relevant. template for students to use to organize their ideas!

Current Events Critical Thinking Questions! Set of twenty task cards. Use with any current event and reutilize throughout the year. Promote higher order thinking in your classroom.


5 Websites for Incorporating Current Events in the Classroom! And a Freebie! (Panicked Teacher's Blog)

FREE via Laura Randazzo: "Kelly Gallagher posts an Article of the Week he uses with his own classes. is a non-profit that produces and promotes documentaries. While Izzit wants us to purchase DVDs sold on its site (I haven’t), it also hosts a super-useful feature – daily Current Events with links to two school-appropriate articles, providing suggested questions to use with students. One article is relatively short for 7-9, one longer for 10-12." FREE


This generic one page current events handout works with any newspaper article and is a fun way for students to record what they learned. It's perfect for busy teachers who need a print-and-go worksheet for current events.