Bridesmaid side hair style i totally love this--- would be cute for my hair to the side-- love this look!

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WAVY PONYTAIL WITH BRAID This braided ponytail is straight out of a romance novel, complete with wispy pieces blowing in the wind. Yes, the model has a ton of hair, but with a few tricks, this look can work on anyone with long hair. After you complete a Dutch braid (a reverse French braid) down one side, go in with some dry shampoo and gently pull it apart. This will create a thick-looking braid. And after the ponytail is secure, use your fingers to back-comb the tail slightly—this will…

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DIY Wedding Hairstyles To The Side 2013 2012 Side Ponytail Wedding Hairstyles 2013, Latest Fashion Hairstyles ;#8230;

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