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15 Remedies for Poison Ivy-Oak-Sumac


Fast Poison Ivy Cures

How to treat Poison Ivy with Home Remedies. Millions of people across the United States are allergic to the urushiol oil found in Poison Ivy Leaves. Here are several home remedies to help relieve the pain and itch associated with poison ivy.


Epic Healing Salve

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Five Effective Natural Cures For Poison Ivy this is awesome especially since I get it ALL THE TIME....


Epsom salt for poison ivy relief. Supposedly gets rid of the rash in 2 days instead if waiting a couple weeks.

Itch Relief Oatmeal Bath

No need to pay the price for the oatmeal bath packets at the pharmacy. You can make your own easily! Works great for eczema, psoriasis, poison ivy, chicken pox, etc.


essential oils for poison ivy


Plantain offers many health benefits and is one of the top three common medicinal herbs along with dandelion and chicory. Most plantain plants have leaves with veins that fork outward from a central midrib. Plantain does not have a blossom, it only has a compact seed head that shoots upward and turns from green to brown as the seeds mature. Plantain is both edible and medicinal, and it is a first-choice remedy for many skin ailments. All parts of the plant, including the seeds, are usable.


Inflammation is the cause of many forms of chronic pain, including things like arthritis, tendonitis, many forms of back pain and pain in the ribs. Inflammation is a natural body response to injury or infection and sometimes it goes away on its own and other times, it gets worse and becomes persistent. There are a …