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Culture Definition For Kids

20 Breakfasts from Around The World

20 Breakfasts From Around the World to show how cultures affects our food choices. Something to use for the provocation?

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Summer Inspired Features from This Week's Party {a Pfaltzgraff Giveaway Reminder

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Ancient Egypt Definition Cards

Ancient Egypt Definition Cards - Free printable for teaching kids words relevant to Ancient Egypt such as pharaoh, sarcophagus, hieroglyph, and ankh -

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22 Unforgettable Baby Names

I would love to have children of my own one day and take them to see all different corners of the world, so they learn about other cultures.

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Literally Hands-On

Cute, right? But beyond that, just seeing this on the board made two things very clear to me. I know that this teacher understands the power of visual representations and she has clearly established routines for minimizing interruptions. I did indeed see children using the signals as I was in the room, so she is clearly using the system she put in place.

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