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Cultural values definition

everything4writers: Cultural Heritage Below the Water Line - OIC Moments The cultural iceberg - worthwhile reading, with examples from Western society versus Native Americans. Either as reference, or for consideration when world building and designing a new culture. Many storytellers do a great job of depicting the surface part of culture, but miss all the subtlety of deep culture.


I wish everything were so simple. Everything would be clear. A definite sharp line that marks what's right and what's wrong. I wish people were open about that. People have their own opinions, but have they ever considered that they could be mistaken?


Normality is a paved road: It's comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow on it. ~Vincent Van Gogh


What better way to celebrate multicultural literacy then to have a space in your classroom that commits to multiculturalism!! I would love to have this in my classroom to engage my students in the different diversities in the world (and within the classroom). Having a safe space where students are able to learn, explore and investigate is essential for my future classroom!