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FEATURE: @arthoecollective talks “Lemonade”, black artists reclaiming appropriated music genres, and share their favorite art works from this week. "In this album […] she reclaims these genres that have been so heavily whitewashed and scrubbed of their African American roots." picture credit: @Nitimueth

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Marc Jacobs was accused of cultural appropriation. His response made matters worse

Marc Jacobs has been accused of cultural appropriation and sparked a social media backlash after defending his decision to cast predominantly white models to wear dreadlocks in his New York fashion show. The 53-year-old fashion designer’s show triggered immediate criticism which was then heightened by his reply which stated that he did not “see colour or race” and just “people” instead.

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The Problem With Baby Hairs, 'Urban' and the Fashion Industry

~Black women (or any culture for that matter) should not have to fight off other races/ cultures for something that they rightfully created. (summary)

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What’s the Difference Between Cultural Exchange and Cultural Appropriation?

Cultural Appropriation: "This isn’t a matter of telling people what to wear. It’s a matter of telling people that they don’t wear things in a vacuum and there are many social and historical implications to treating marginalized cultures like costumes."

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Factors that make up and influence culture (from this blog:

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It doesn't matter if you "understand the cultural significance" if it isn't your culture don't appropriate it. Mutual exchange happens on an equal playing field. Fight me.