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Oh So Simple Creamy Cucumber Dip

A healthy and raw kale, avocado and garlic dip. Paleo, gluten free, raw and vegan. The perfect sugar free, health friendly superfood dip!

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Tomato, onion & cucumber raita

Tomato, onion & cucumber raita. This easy, low-fat Indian yogurt dip makes a great side to cool down the spice of curry or tandoori chicken. ☀CQ #appetizers #dips

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Tzatziki-This cucumber and yogurt dip is eaten throughout Greece, where it is served with pitta bread as an appetizer, or to accompany grilled lamb. To keep if Syn Free, serve it with a selection of colourful vegetable crudites, such as peppers, carrots, celery and broccoli florets.

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Three-ingredient canapés

Rustle up some of these delicious feta and sun-dried tomato cucumber rolls as a delicious and super easy canapé | Tesco

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Greek Tzatziki (Yogurt Cucumber Dip)

Tzatziki is a deliciously fresh and easy dip with yogurt, cucumber, lemon and dill. Totally irresistible on pita, chicken and cooked or raw veggies (and it's good for you too)!

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Oh So Simple Creamy Cucumber Dip

Learn how to make an extremely simple creamy cucumber dip. Great for late minute invites to a friend's BBQ. Pair with tortilla chips, crackers or veggies.