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Cuck Meaning

Why is that? He got in trouble with Fox News because he was trying to get people to raise money. But nooo he can't because he's a "con artist"


The Fashion Minimalist Lookbook

Minimalism in fashion is all about achieving a pared-down and simple look with easy to digest color pallets and beautiful silhouettes. Minimalist fashion is all about different garments complimenting each other and achieving a tasteful flow without too much distraction taking away from the outfit. This means no loud statement pieces or crazy color combinations. …


only four more episodes of GG which means ONLY FOUR MORE EPISODES OF CHUCK BASS. i think i might cry!


The 50 Funniest Chuck Norris Jokes of All Time

If someone tells a Chuck Norris joke in the woods and he's not around to hear it, will that person still die at the hands of Chuck? Yes. Chuck Norris hears everything. Chuck Norris pictures, facts, and memes have become so common, it's hard to remember a time when the world didn't quake in fea...


37 discreet yet powerful feminist tattoos, from quotes to symbols

male. NSFW, Only = Udderly-Abducted "But as the Chinese philosopher Unconscious once said: It's better to have loved and lost than to have never seen 'Lost in Space' at all." Kelly Bundy, Married With Children

Ruth Wilson shows she means business in a plunging white trouser suit

New focus: The cast revealed that season two of the hit-drama is set to see the complex pl...

This is the cover of my Solutionaries board, it represents that deleting the problems is the true meaning of a solution