Pokemon Shaming -- Cubone. His mother was murdered by Team Rocket and he mourns at night. Poor thing! #Pokemon #Pokeshaming #Cubone---why would you even shame him!?

Ever since pet shaming became a thing, the internet has waited with bated breath for the day Pokemon shaming would also become a thing (well, okay, maybe . View "The 30 Best Pieces of Pokemon Shaming Art" and more funny posts on Dorkly

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Part of a series of concept evolutions I'm working on :)

Pokémon according to Piper Thibodeau. Quite an interesting art style.

Funny pictures about Pokemon Re-imagined By Piper Thibodeau. Oh, and cool pics about Pokemon Re-imagined By Piper Thibodeau. Also, Pokemon Re-imagined By Piper Thibodeau photos.

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vampirepumpkin: “This is part 2 of my Cubone variations. I, uh, had a little more trouble thinking of names for this group.