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i like this artwork because the apple has a very interesting form created by the geometric shapes in it. the are also a wide range of values used, that i do in my paintings.

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I fancied starting with a bit of Braque, cos I dig a bit of that Georges Braque - Violin and Palette (1909). A cubist painting. Cubist painting abandoned the tradition of perspective drawing and displayed many views of a subject at one time.

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Still Life with Guitar, 1920. Gris began to paint seriously in 1911 (when he gave up working as a satirical cartoonist), developing at this time a personal Cubist style.

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Screw/fold-up an image into an interesting 3D form and then draw/paint the new image to create an interesting composition

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Fernand Leger. Machanical Elements, 1924. Léger rejects illusion to focus on the Here, Léger rejects illusion to focus on the mechanics of representation, drawing attention to them with roughly blocked forms, exposed supports, unmodulated color straight from the tube applied in painterly patches, and highlights detached from any light source. Strident black and white or colored striations clash with one another across the works.

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