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I am so doing this if I have to EVER spend time on crutches again! Or shoot i'll even do this to my walker if I have to use one again!


Wish I would have seen this a few months ago when I was on crutches..... Use a pool noodle on your crutches for more cushion!

from Greatist

The Ultimate Guide to Surviving Life on Crutches (Happily)

undefined GUEST POST: Greatist's Happiness Coach Sid Efromovich knows a thing or two about spending time on crutches in order to heal from injury: He's done it twice. Here he shares his tips and tricks for staying safe and sane on three "legs".


How to Make Crutch Covers and Pads

How to make padded crutch covers. They keep the crutches from rubbing you under the arms and from getting blisters on your hands.

from The Mom Cafe

Ten Tips For The Woman In A Leg Cast

Ten Tips For The Woman In A Leg fav line: While you might be slipping off into the depths of despair, adjust your lens and change your perspective. This season of struggling is just that. It is not a lifetime sentence. Can you imagine?