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Crush Meaning In Love

from lookslikewhite

Inspiration in White: Oversize Chandeliers

There are so many incredible lighting alternatives for every different style of home. I have a board on Pinterest for lighting and I just love some of the new simple industrial lights that are available.....BUT my first love is, and always will be, crystal chandeliers. One of the first posts I ever did on my blog was about chandeliers and mirrors here.. The best way to do a crystal chandelier is oversize..and by this I mean a real statement in the room..not a little one over the…


This describes my current crush perfectly. He's not exactly the most popular or handsome guys at my school, but every girl seems to have liked him at some point. It really does break my heart because I see him flirting with other girls, and it feels like my heart is being ripped out of my chest. He has absolutely no idea the effect he can have in me and what he's helped me through. He's encouraged me to fall back in love with drawing, and compliments my writing, helping me when I have my…


i really can't picture anyone having a crush on me. i can't picture someone thinking about me before they fall asleep. i can't picture anyone getting butterflies because i said hi to them, or even just smile at them. i can't picture someone smiling at the computer screen or their cell phones when we're talking. i mean like....why would they even do that? i'm just me. nothing extraodinary, or special

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The Bourne Identity crisis: New spy star Jeremy Renner turns up on Legacy set with six-inch high toy dog


FALSE. based on the chemicals released through excitement, etc in your brain, the "fairytale" stage of a relationship can last UP TO 36 months. Therefore, some relationships have to last three years before you know if its love -- or if its lust.