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Original trolls that appear in countless tales of Norse mythology seem to be descended from the Jotun. The Jotun were a race very similar to the Titans of ancient Greece. They were sworn enemies of the gods and separated from humans in remote hills, mountains, and forests only through the diligence of the Norse gods where they awaited the end of the world when they would finally battle the Norse gods on an even playing field. Trolls are very similar in their homes as the Jotun or Giants.


NICK LOWE - CRUEL TO BE KIND - HQ Best Version. New Audio. I would never normally in a million years post such an obvious hit but NL is the coolest man on earth throughout this vid.

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Fairies are tiny, beautiful creatures that appear in legends and folklore around the world. They began as versions of pagan nature gods and goddesses, and are often associated with the outdoors. There were times when many would bring offerings to fairies when embarking on a journey in hopes of good weather or safe passage. However, as fairies could be kind, they could also be nasty and cruel if displeased and bring with them storms, bad luck and revenge if displeased. (click pic for full…


Petition: Don’t Kill Thousands of Coyotes and Wolves.Thousands of wolves and coyotes may be shot and killed if a government proposal to loosen hunting restrictions goes through. Add your voice to the crucial opposition to this misguided and cruel amendment.