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Richard Armitage: I’m playing Thorin who is the leader of the dwarves - of this particular group of dwarves- on this particular quest. Interviewer: And can you tell us about that yourself? Richard Armitage: Me as a person? Would you like to be a bit more specific? I’ve got forty years to talk about. “The Hobbit” - press Conference

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One of the best modern day voice actors Crispin Freeman has a podcast on how to get started in the voice acting world. A must listen for anyone trying to break in the industry.

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The Many Voices of "Crispin Freeman" In Video Games - YouTube

The last episode before the holidays kick in... here's what we have in store! We’re starting this week’s show off with our feature interview guest, Voice Actor and Voice Director Crispin Freeman! Steve is back for Best of the Best, as we look at the history of Nintendo Power. Kyle Born is also on the show this week for Killing Time with Kyle Born! We talk about video games and Lego. Hellsing Ultimate: Volumes 5-8 Collection (Blu-ray/DVD Combo): Crispin Freeman, Katie Gray, Victoria Harwood, Tallesin Jaffe: Movies & TV $46.74

Crispin Freeman & Dave Wittenberg by, via Flickr