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when people look back at our current yearbook they want to be reminded of the culture in that given year. A notable subculture of today would be Djs and EDM. I have personally met many students who participate in this kind of music. I think including this in our year book would provide a sense of nostalgia for those who did participate in this art form. There's not much to talk about so this could take up one or two paragraphs.


ELVIS PRESLEY 10x8 CANDID PHOTO Bourbon Street New Orleans 1958 KING CREOLE

Elvis...set of "kid galahad" My 1st heart-throb; I think I came out my Mum's womb lovin Elvis (her being a fan too).


Geno Delafose--his sound is deeply rooted in traditional Creole music with strong influences from Cajun music and also country and western.