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Hadrians Wall, Northumberland, England began being built in AD 122 and most of it still remains..... it separated the English from the Scots (Photo Credit geoffsgallery via Flickr)

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Stonehenge Photos

At ground level, the ruins of Stonehenge appear somewhat random and chaotic, but a view from the air reveals the monument's circular order. The site started out modestly around 3100 B.C. as a wide ring of wood posts surrounded by a ditch and bank. The familiar enormous rock slabs, some brought from hundreds of miles away, were added to the interior over a period of about 1,500 years.

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Credit card machine. Still got one as back up, but not sure if the bank would accept it now.

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Barry Feinstein, Dylan and Liverpool

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A green and blue aurora is seen in the night sky over Flostrand in Nordland, Norway / photo by Tommy Eliassen

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Quick cash loans available for people within few minutes of applying. You need not to worries about your poor credit status with us.

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150 years of the London underground – in pictures

Soldiers returning home on the London Underground after the end of the second world war, 1945

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10 Free Genealogy Sites: A Handy Infographic

10 Free Genealogy Sites Please note: StoryWorth (#8 on the graphic below) is only free for the first month. It's included because it is such a unique and helpful service, and because they do not ask for a credit card to be placed on file to take advantage of the free time.

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