Make your escort cards an eye-catcher with a pop of glitter! Photo credit: Jessica Strickland Photography

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How a photograph on PayPal shows the end for cash The days of fumbling for cash or trying to remember a credit card pin number could soon be over – a new service from payments company PayPal now means shops can identify customers and charge them via a simple photograph.

The glossy interior of the flagship Dot FNB store in Cape Town, South Africa (pictured) uses "interactive gesture technology," which detects when people pass by the store front, prompting messaging and letting customers interact with the screen to learn more about its products and services.

Starting October 2015, MasterCard and Visa will usher in a major change in the U.S. credit card industry. Credit cards will have microchips in them. Consumers will use PIN numbers instead of signing credit card receipts.

A team of security researchers in Germany found that any card data may be stolen right off the terminals designed to protect it. This risk can not be easily fixed. Not only customers but shops can find this technology turned against them. The German researchershas discovered a way to steal payment card data from terminals without the need for a skimmer or POS hardware thats been compromised. The researcherswere able to do it over an ordinary WiFi network. When a Russia Today reporter paid…

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