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Ideas for teaching when to start a new paragraph - this pin goes to a product but I pinned it as an example of ideas to add to an anchor chart on this topic

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1. Attach an image (photo, magazine, etc.) to a notebook page and write about it. 2. What things will people in the future say abou...

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Seven Fundamental Fears: "The fear may be a terror of some specific bad experience happening again, or it could be more of a dread of some awful thing which is always threatening to get worse. Either way, it becomes the adult personality’s deeply held sense of insecurity."

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How do you start your stories? Give your kiddos some inspiration and some options! Have them choose a topic and make a different opening that follows each one of these suggestions.

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Make A Writing Jar (Plus 101 Prompts to Fill it

This is such a fun way to get your kids writing! These prompts are great, creative, and fun! The kids really enjoy getting to pick out of the jar!

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Genre Mindmaps

Writing a romance? This genre mindmap can get you started. >

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