God if this happened I would be so fucking pissed because red is my absolute favourite colour ~(right next to blue) and a lot of my stuff are red.

Red envelope.

this could be a great creepy story, but actually If red completely disappeared there would be no more orange, purple, pink, etc. Your skin would look different and anything else that contains a variant of red

Wow this is actually really cool I'd read the hell out of that but I don't think I would be able to write that type of story :(

Won’t wake up.

Is it bad that the first thought I had was to rob all the big corporations and bad billionaires? I mean it would be for a good cause but like//that supra singly really touched me.

May the Maker, the goddess, the creators, Keelah, the enkindlers, Kalahira and even the freaking nine divines bless this

Sometimes I'll act as if I'm another character, talking to the character that I can't name. I act as if I'm telling at them, and suddenly I be like, "Why would you do that, [insert random name i come up with on the spot] .

240 words to describe someone's tone/voice Tone is one aspect of verbal abuse.

writing prompts from tumblr @ remember-therain

- big fire n shit - witch is begged to help - does fuckin witchy stuff and saves them - is now exposed

At school in 3rd grade we were doing this thing with our names where each letter makes up a word which describes you,and I have a Z in my name so I asked my teacher what I should use and she said “Zealous” and I just know found out what Zealous means and it’s true and I ask myself,”how did she know? I never talked about things I liked? Wtf?” So now I’m like wut

Bit concerned about seeing 'dyslexic' in a list of character flaws.I mean maybe as an issue for the character, but I don't think a disability can be called a character flaw.

Vampire world writing prompt pureblood hybrid

Vampire world writing prompt pureblood hybrid>>>>kick me because I immediately though about otome

Your guardian angel hates you, but they still have to do their job. Technically.


Your guardian angel hates you, but they still have to do their job. // aka "I can't let you die, but the boss said nothing about letting you get punched in the face"