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Create Your Own Animal

Create your own animal. Fun website for the kids. After they create their animal, they could write about it. Another idea, they could do descriptive writing and then have a partner try to figure out which animal is there prior to seeing the pic of the animal.

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love this! create your own positive affirmation. Similar to the DBT "myths and challenges" exercise.

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Suspense Worksheet

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Conflict Worksheet

3-page writing worksheet to help you create, compound and resolve conflicts in your stories. >

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A Complete Guide To Social Media Posting [infographic]

A Complete Guide To Social Media Posting [infographic]

How to Create Perfect on Social Platforms Version 2 Pinned by Penina Penina Rybak MA/CCC-SLP, TSHH CEO Socially Speaking LLC Director: The NICE Initiative for Female Entrepreneurship About.Me Page:  Twitter: @PopGoesPenina Tumblr:  The NICE Initiative 

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Worldbuilding Worksheet: Magic

Wave your wand (or pencil) over this writing worksheet to create your magic system. Any muggle can do it!

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DIY Nativity Story Stones

Create your own Nativity Story Stones to help children understand the true meaning of Christmas. These simple stones are easy to make. via @rainydaymum

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I Am Not Perfect – Cut & Fold Book Folding Pattern

Create your own piece of stunning Book Art with this I Am Not Perfect Cut and…

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A Data-Driven Guide to Creating Viral Content #Infographic #SocialMedia #Website

A Data-Driven Guide to Creating Viral Content #Infographic

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