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mine is: Wing Shadow As a child, you were obsessed with aeroplanes and the idea of building your own wings. Unfortunately, as an adult your experiment failed disastrously leading to a near-tragic accident! However, in the wake of the experiment, you've also discovered a strange and wondrous new ability! Your powers give you the ability to fly through the air at near-supersonic speeds! and. You can manipulate and control shadows, using them to hide yourself or even as a mode of transportation

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Create your own Superhero Puppet - Superman! Great DIY papercrafts

Classroom Jobs

Classroom Jobs: keep track of your helping heroes with this superhero themed classroom jobs display. The accompanying name labels include editable text boxes. You can therefore create labels for all of your students and change the font/color/size to your own particular preference. $

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FREE printable activity sheet to draw and describe a superhero character, including descriptive adjectives If you're interested in becoming an English teach of would like to study and get a TESOL certificate feel free to email me at

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