A modern bathroom is thus not only a place where people can go for a refreshing shower, but a place of serenity and complete relaxation. Checkout 35 best modern bathroom design ideas

35 Best Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

Photo of a modern bathroom design with freestanding bath using frameless glass from the bathroom galleries - Bathroom photo Browse hundreds of images of modern bathrooms & photos of freestanding bath in bathroom designs.

Matthew Brandt has created unexpected and dramatic running of coloured ink by submerging printed photographs of water in the lakes or waterways that they represent. This is a great example of how creative photography techniques can (and should) be driven by the subject or theme that is explored.

100+ Creative Photography Ideas

Some of these examples of reflective photography could be used to show a scene in a different way - 13.5 things about light?

50 Stunning Examples Of Reflection Photography

Garden Thyme with the Creative Gardener: More Great Water Features for the Garden

Creative water features water feature a large rock in a pondless water feature - Compost Rules.

Our brains love visuals and processes images 60,000 times faster than text which is no wonder why infographics receives very high engagement on Pinterest. Here's an infographic that you can easily do for free on @venngage  Click here to learn more about how to make your pins go viral on Pinterest for your business http://www.whiteglovesocialmedia.com/how-to-create-images-noticed-on-pinterest/ | Tips by Pinterest expert Anna Bennett

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Kerry Benson - Essential Nails Graduate- Wedding Nails See Kerry in action creating this lovely design…