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Creamiest Rice Pudding

This is the creamiest rice pudding ever! It’s so rich and the flavors are absolutely amazing!! I’m going to be honest, up until a few months ago, rice pudding just really freaked me out. Every time I would try it because I wanted to like it for some reason? I would hate the texture of... Read More »

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Easy Creamy Rice Pudding

Easy, rich and creamy rice pudding recipe will be a hit for all your holiday entertaining and more. Rice pudding is a perfect dessert to bring

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The Best Creamy Rice Pudding

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Creamy Rice Pudding

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This is the best rice pudding on the face of the earth. Sounds pretty confident huh? Yes I am. If you like Kozy Shack Rice pudding, the rice pudding that you’ll find in your grocer’s dairy section, you’re gonna go wild for this!. Hands down this is far better. The creaminess is unbelievable, and that’s... Read More »

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Creamy Stovetop Rice Pudding

This is a lovely creamy rice pudding that is very simple to make. I got this recipe many, many years ago from a local farm paper. It is the best rice pudding I

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Almond rice pudding and cherry compôte

Almond rice pudding and cherry compôte. This is a traditional Scandinavian recipe, often served as part of a Christmas feast

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Kozy Shack Rice Pudding

Kozy Shack Rice Pudding – you can make this at home. The best tasting pudding is now easily home made. :)

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Slow Cooker Rice Pudding

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