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Perfectly Light and Sweet Corn Fritters

Corn Fritters... I love these. I've made them with 1 can of whole kernel corn and 1 can of cream style corn too. Taste excellent. I don't serve them with any sauce. Just salt.


HOW TO MAKE CREAM STYLE CORN ? The best homemade creamy corn recipe. Use as a base to your soup or add some cheese and herb, your best side dish is ready.

About to prepare and enjoy one of my favorite muscle-building meals ... SPICY #CHICKEN!! 1)Boneless skinless chicken breast 2)Stewed tomatoes 3)Cream style corn 4)Rice 5)Onions 6)Green pepper *)Oregano, Paprika *)Black pepper, ground Red pepper *)Dash of salt AFTER plating

Corn Souffle, made with cream-style corn (1968

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This Corn Souffle’ made with PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese, whole kernel corn, cream-style corn, corn muffin mix, green onions, and KRAFT shredded cheddar cheese is a quick spin on an old classic that will find a perfect new home on this year’s Thanksgiving table.


How To Make Fresh, Fabulous Cream Style Corn

Buttery Southern Fried Corn

Homemade Cream-Style Corn - Diana Rattray

Southern Style Creamed Corn

Southern Style Creamed Corn - Skillet cream corn is a decadent treat and it's so very simple to make. To make it, you must use real cream and butter which gives it a rich and silky cream sauce base that is simply hard to beat.

Sweet Corn Vegetable Soup