100 Crazy Things To Do With Your Best Friend!

I zoological need to try this. Especially the Diet Water one! Ahhh so funny. 😐😊😆😄😅😀😁😂😲🐓 Whachoo lookin at rooster!

most of these actually seem fun...now, if I only had a group of friends to do this with.


Funny pictures about Wild Party Ideas. Oh, and cool pics about Wild Party Ideas. Also, Wild Party Ideas photos.

To do with jessy this summer

Random, crazy things to do. Oh my gosh some of these are priceless XD

With adult supervision and older kids I think this is a fun idea for a hot summer night

Fun Things to Do With Glow Sticks

Glow sticks in the pool, great for night swimming! Not sure this would be the best idea for a big in ground pool (would probably take a couple hundred sticks), but would definitely be cool in a kid pool or an above ground pool!

You will know the day I finally decide to stop being scared of everyone...because I will go around doing stuff like this. Oh, and number 11: Walk into a room, point randomly at someone, and say, "Hey, you with the spider on your head!"

will defo do number one! and if my mom says ok to number 9 fr my dad.ill do tht. number 7 agak comel~ sbb insyaAllh by 2016 i will.

Fun Things to Do with Your Boyfriend at Home | herinterest.com

I've always wanted to play messy twister. The thing is, I don't wanna play it with my friend cause she would push me and smother me with paint.

Cool but I got one question..... What are thooooose?!?! No jk but I actually have a question. How the heck do you start this???

Everybody gets a meme

The Trust windmill, taking the trust fall to the next level. How the heck does this work!

Source: Instagram user luxdelux

Zip-Line With Family or Friends

This is something I can cross off my bucket list :) zip lining is such an awesome experience :)

Took a photo like this on the beach with a friend... our first shadow photo with faces! - DM

kids photo vacation beach fun idea arts and crafts memories sand faces shadow play

Only two people really did know me...and they're gone.

Someone from Port Arthur, Texas, US posted a whisper, which reads "I adjust my personality according to whom I am around. No one knows the real me.

I don't know if we would want to do these, but they are too awesome not to pin.

Mind = blown (27 photos)

Bucket list. Do you know how cool that would be?

GLITTER WAR Okay, maybe not at school. But it would be cool to cover our teachers in glitter.