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I spent the night out with my dad enjoying the crazy thunder storm we had last night (the thunder was so loud I literally ducked in cover once or twice) and enjoyed the Lightning show that went on as well. Today is a bit stormy as well so as such it seemed appropriate to give this another look as its my favorite kind of weather.

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45+ Examples of DIY Halloween Makeup

Candy cane slash skeleton girl Halloween makeup. Looking crazy is in when it comes to Halloween, but you should not only try look crazy, but look good while being crazy just like in the image.

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Keep the Halloween Looks coming! our beautiful Bella @jessjanemakeup is rocking this awesome look featuring @ssssamanthaa 220g 22" #BELLAMISterlingSilver set use code jessjane to save on your next set through our website at! #bellamihair #teambellami #halloween

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14 Disgusting Halloween Makeup Hacks That'll Scare the Crap Out of Your BFFs

Is it bad that I want to make many little scars on my face, and just walk around with them on, to see if people treat me differently? I could do it like What's-'Er-Faces face in that book! Damn, what was that book?

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