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Spinning Mercury: Nasa reveal stunning animation showing giant craters on the planet's surface

Mercury: The images were created using a mosaic of pictures from Nasa's messenger spacecraft, which were then combined to create a video 'flyby' of the planet. 2013

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Simple Science Experiment for Kids: Why are there craters on the moon

A great science experiment for kids that are interested in space! #science_fair_ideas #outer_space_activities

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1910 set of 3 MOON LANDSCAPE LITHOGRPAHS craters original antique astronomy prints of the moon surface

1910 set of 3 moon craters original antique astronomy prints of the moon surface. $20.50, via Etsy.

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Huge Moon Crater's Water Ice Supply Revealed - Credit: NASA/GSFC/SVS The moon, once thought to be bone dry, has now been shown to harbor significant water. This photo shows the search for water on the moon. #Scientific #Exploration

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NASA's Messenger reveals close-ups of Mercury's sun-scorched surface

Nasa has released an image taken by the probe's Visual and Infrared Spectrometer…

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Mercury has been 'dynamic world'

The planet Mercury was once an active and dynamic planet, according to new evidence from a Nasa spacecraft. Data from the American Messenger probe shows that impact craters on the planet's surface were distorted by some geological process after they formed.

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Gallery: A magical mystery tour of the solar system

The Mars Express took this photo of a crater on Mars filled with water ice.

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How the Moon Works

HowStuffWorks "What's on the surface of the moon?" #moon #science

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Scarlatti Stuart Rankin Messenger image of the crater Scarlatti on Mercury.

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See Explanation. Clicking on the picture will download the highest resolution version available.