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Craftsman Toasters

The Story of a 1925 Craftsman Cottage in Mississippi

lovin' on white kitchens! subway tiles with grey grout, high ceilings *sigh* skinny chalkboard beside fridge. Shelves beside fridge are a perfect place for a command centre (phone and phone books, kids school supplies, etc.) Wood floors and counters. use this for coffee and toaster supplies, out of the cook's way.


Craftsman Kitchen with Black & Decker 4 Slice Toaster, Stone Tile, Raised panel, Garden window, Kitchen island, Crown molding

Gilles Eichenbaum has made an art out of recycling old kitchenware into incredible lighting. The designer is a true craftsman who repurposes everything from colanders to kettles to broken toasters to create illuminating masterpieces. His work originally manifested itself as a hobby he picked up while traveling the world, but it wasn’t until he began selling the pieces at local flea markets, where they were met with a fervent reception, did he know he was doing something really special.

Sears: Appliances, Tools, Apparel and more from Craftsman, Kenmore, Diehard and other Leading Brands

COPEMAN Automatic (black 01) 1913 or 1914, USA Nickel plated metal, black bakelite 110 Volts/5.2 Amps This is one of the most important pieces in the history of toasters: A very rare original Copeman (not the later version from Westinghouse, who produced the toaster under license of Copeman!!!). It is the first toaster with a turn-over mechanism.