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Craftsman Coffee Grinders

Found it at Wayfair - Classic Coffee Grinder with Crank Handle. I use to have one and it worked better than the electric one.


The HG One Coffee Bean Grinder

The HG One Coffee Bean Grinder - - The HG one grinder is a hand grinder. No plugs, motors, or switches, just you. And like all hand tools the HG one requires some effort, patience, and skill to operate. Be it a saw, paintbrush, chef’s knife, or grinder, the craftsman and artist has to learn to use them in order to get the most out of the tool.


Mr. Coffee Automatic Burr Mill Grinder, BVMC-BMH23-WM

This coffee grinder was invented by Herbert Johnston, great great grandfather of @RealJoe. The Barnone legacy is steeped in a long tradition of makers -- preserving the inventive spirit and kindling future innovation. #barnone #barnoneaz #agritopia #community #makers #craftsmen #artisans #winery #mirorestaurant #microbrewery #machineshop #woodworking #salon #florist #letterpress #instagramaz #gilbert #arizona #traditons #innovation #invent #creativity #coffee #coffeegrinder #generations…

Mc Coy Cookie Jar | Coffee Grinder | Rare Piece | Made in USA | Mid Century Kitchen | 1960 | Vintage Storage Piece | Early American Style


Box Style Coffee Grinder or Mill Vintage Coffee Mill A A Importing Brass Lid Hand Crank Wood Farmhouse Rustic Decor Country Kitchen Decor


Fox Run Craftsmen Classic Hand Crank Manual Coffee Grinder...yes, I realize it is a PITA to grind my own coffee, it just looks really cool.

1915 CRAFTSMAN BUNGALOW: Jovita and I are in the process of restoring our home and hope to be done in 4 years. Of course they say "You are never done"

Arcade Crystal #25 Coffee Grinder 1920's WallMount-Green-Cast iron - Works