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Craftsman Chefs Knives

When starting Japana we wanted more people in Europe to discover incredible sharpness and beauty of Japanese knives. Little that we knew how many obstacles we will need to overcome in order to offer our customers what we have today. Most of us got used to having things on demand where same-day delivery does not surprise anyone anymore. That's never going to be the case with Japanese knives - especially those produced in a very limited quantity (unless they are in our stock :). Having seen…

Chroma Haiku Kurouchi Tosa - 8 1/2" Gyuto Chef Knife - B08

Constructed of extremely hard, blue AOKO Steel in the center, finished with protective layers of strong wrought iron Hand forged by skilled craftsmen, left raw


If you want to create powerful food you need powerful equipment made by quality craftsman


This incredible knife is handmade to order by the most renowned craftsmen in Japan using the customer's choice of knife steel, handle and saya material, and blade length.

Bob Kramer by Zwilling

Bob Kramer by Zwilling A master craftsman's line of carbon steel knives for at-home chefs

Handmade Kitchen Knife Set // Chefs Knives // 3 Piece Matching Set

Hermetic Mountain workshop is now built! We have been making knives and metal art like crazy! Let us know if you would like something personalized or custom. #chef #chefsknife #knife #knives #bladesmith #craftsman #kitchen #cook #food #foodie #metal #art