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He Puts Vinegar In A Bottle And Starts Shaking It. The Results? What A Smart Winter Hack!

This makes me want to purposefully crack the bottom of my phone.///"SASUKE YOU'RE SO COOL. I LOVE YOU." <<When fangirls say they dislike Sakura but act exactly like this it pisses me off. I just had to say that. -Chloe-chan

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Phones nowadays so expensive. You fall and hear a crack sound and you pray it’s your leg lol

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How to deal with a broken screen…

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76: How to Replace a Broken/ Cracked iPhone Screen

How to Fix A Broken/ Cracked I Phone Screen. Labor intensive, but if you need to know how to do it...

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Making The Best Of Every Situation

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at first i thought my boy kookie wearing a bloody garbage bag but GUYS WHAT HAHAHAHAHA wow

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this is the same dude who dropped an ipad in a bathtub while doing the ice bath challenge and playing surgeon simulator at the same time. do you realize how amazing this guy actually is??

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Cracked phone screen UK - Motorola Repairer