Would you know what to do if a loved one, friend or colleague had an accident or a heart attack? If they were unresponsive and not breathing? Perhaps you learned CPR years ago, but would you remember what to do in a panic and under extreme pressure?  #heartattack, #heart, #hearthealth, http://www.internationalgiftitems.com/blog/magnetic-cpr-instructions-holder

Save a Life: What Could Be More Important?

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Standard Health The program promotes the nutrition and health of children and protects children and staff from illness and injury. What to look for in a program is teaching staff have training in pediatric first aid. Infants are placed on their backs

CPR Instructions: Good chart to have on hand even after being trained. Review from time to time.

This trait is about fixing problems and restoring things to their original condition. Everyone should learn how to do CPR, it just might save a life someday or "restore" life into someone

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#INFOgraphic > Children CPR Instructions: Children are prone to accidents and as a parent you need to be prepared for emergency situations. Learning how to perform CPR on your child is extremely important because there are only a few minutes between life or death. Dont wait until its too late.  > http://infographicsmania.com/children-cpr-instructions/

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child-cpr-steps-are-you-prepared-infographic - Current AHA leaves out rescue breaths for bystander CPR. Only chest chest compressions at a rate of 100 per/min and calling

Learn the basics of CPR and Choking first aid.  Then print out cards to help you remember what you learned when you need it.

CPR and Choking First Aid Basics

Learn the basics of CPR and Choking first aid. Then print out cards to help you remember what you learned when you need it.

CPR Training for Infants. If an infant appears unresponsive follow these steps, you might help save lives. This infographic was brought to you by CPR Certified. Apart from CPR, you can also help a victim of a sudden cardiac arrest using a Portable Defibrillator, you can learn more about Defibrillators in our article: http://insidefirstaid.com/personal/first-aid-kit/portable-automated-external-defibrillators-aed-cpr-protect-others-from-sudden-cardiac-arrest #cpr #instructions #training…

The 4 Best Portable Defibrillators and Which to Buy

If you love infographics, get ready to geek out over this collection of visual cheatsheets designed for new parents and pregnancy. Consider these 25 one-pagers your manual to parenthood. From showing you what to pack in your diaper bag, to how to dress yo


There is no substitute for proper CPR training. However, you may need to do CPR on a child if there is an emergency.

In addition to these CPR instructions, the American Red Cross has a very helpful checklist to help you prepare for an evacuation, create an emergency kit, and how to care for your dog during & after a disaster. Download it here: http://www.redcross.org/www-files/Documents/pdf/Preparedness/checklists/PetSafety.pdf

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We have an annual CPR class at work every year, I'm gonna have to take this with me!

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Print this for your fridge and make sure all babysitters and caregivers know infant and child CPR #childsafety

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I will take an infant/child CPR class before I have children. You never know when something could happen