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'local meat' is still cruel meat. I can never get over hearing the term "humane beef." WTH is humane beef? Let's call it what it is - a cow slaughtered to produce beef. Seriously.


why #vegan ~ one of the worst cruelties is the separation of mother cow from her calf. The breaking of this natural, strong maternal bond is traumatic to both cow and calf and should be reason enough for all compassionate people to reject dairy products.

from PETA

Cow's Milk: A Cruel and Unhealthy Product

Pretty numbskullish for Peta to be sharing a picture of the beautiful animals they want to be eradicated - veganism = no cows. I'm pinning it with a more positive message: love cows? Let's keep working together, and keep them then.


Love one slaughter the other. Why? No really, why? Please, be vegan. All life is precious to the one whose life it is. Imagine standing in a kill line and you are just a young animal in the dawn of your life. We can thrive on plants. Nobody should have to die for the taste of another. Nobody.