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'local meat' is still cruel meat. I can never get over hearing the term "humane beef." WTH is humane beef? Let's call it what it is - a cow slaughtered to produce beef. Seriously.

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why #vegan ~ one of the worst cruelties is the separation of mother cow from her calf. The breaking of this natural, strong maternal bond is traumatic to both cow and calf and should be reason enough for all compassionate people to reject dairy products.

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Tatia Kennedy Cow crying on truck to slaughter house. I will never get this out of my mind. It'll stay with me forever. Poor animal souls. It's heartbreaking to the core.

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Brought to you by Cookies In Bloom and Hannah's Caramel Apples

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Every time you buy milk a baby calf is taken from it's mother. The mother doesn't get 1 day with her baby, causing her to fall into depression. This baby will be sold for veal if it's a boy or forced to produce milk like its mother if it's a girl. The mother will produce milk until she's dry. Then they impregnate her again and start the process all over again. When the mother is too weak to have babies anymore, she will be sent to slaughter. Sure isn't like the milk carton picture is it?

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#vegan compassion- "To examine whether something is humane, first determine if YOU would want IT done to YOU." Andrea Kiadar

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