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#WellPets The hair of Welsh Springer Spaniel is naturally straight flat and soft to the touch, never wiry or wavy. It is dense enough to be waterproof, anti spine, and weatherproof.


Suya is one Nigerian meat snack that speaks for itself. It is popularly prepared with beef fillets, but it is not unusual to see Suya Mallams with a variety, which may include cow liver, kidney, chicken cuts and gizzard.

from BBC Good Food

Liver & bacon sauté with potatoes & parsley

Liver & bacon sauté with potatoes & parsley. Replace the liver with beef if you hate liver.

from Quiet Corner

Liver - Most Potent Super Food

When sourced from healthy, grass fed cows, liver is absolutely loaded with a wide spectrum of vitamins, minerals, proteins and fat. It is particularly...

This is Norway! Norway is a 5 year old arabian that does both western and English! Love, love, love this horse asking around 20,000


140 Medically Important Antibiotics Still Labeled For Farm Use. Twenty-three of the antibiotics still reference “maintenance of weight gain” as an indication, even though that’s a non-medical production outcome. Dosage recommendations are vague. Antibiotics are also often recommended to treat liver abscesses, which result from cattle eating an unnatural diet of grains. Antibiotics to protect cow livers do not improve welfare but allow the liver to be sold as food.