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WITW & Hawkwood - cloth covered children's books from Anthropologie

Book cover Matteo Bologna for Mucca Design: AIGA/NY Anniversary Poster new Penguin Classics cloth book covers. penguin A Book for Happi.

life of pi book cover - Google Search

Life of Pi is fantastic. It grapples with questions of God and religion and loneliness, and is a genuine companion in solitude.

"Catcher in the Rye" When I first read this book, I really didn't like it. But when I went back over it in my mind I realised how utterly brilliant it is.

"Catcher in the Rye" // Levente Szabo -Not my favourite book in the world, but it's definitely my favourite cover.

The Unattached, 1966 Mary Morse 'A Pelican Original, exploring the social issues thrown up by the permissive society and the creation of the National Association of Youth Clubs in (Cover designed by Martin Bassett, photographs by Roger Maybe)

Yinka Shonibare's 10,000 batik-covered books - Creative Review

Yinka Shonibare's 10,000 batik-covered books

The British Library’ - batik-covered books by Yinka Shonibare, British-Nigerian artist living in London. Commissioned for Brighton Festival, May

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

The Hobbit book cover reimagining by Adam Busby. Print from BuzzStudios.

20 Awesome Book Designs - judge a book by it's cover. Because it's not just what's between the cover that counts...

The Imperfectionists. // 20 Awesome Book Designs - judge a book by it's cover

Penguin creates colourful book covers based on textile designs

wave, movement, patterns, collage papers For: front cover? or repeated motiff for page background?

Book cover design illustration

Book cover design illustration

The Vintaquarian.

Edmund Dulac’s Fairy-Book: Fairy Tales of the Allied Nations. A copy of this in a stack with fairytales would be a great touch.