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Do More of What Makes You Sparkle Print - Inspirational - Motivational - Shine - Pink Glitter

By all means, please do. Just pay the @IRS their fair share. Should be more than well versed at how to do so after submitting last business in court documents claiming back orders. Given it had a website, shouldn't have been terribly tough to have created a new one. The card company still should be reimbursed for defrauding the estate w/ product never paid for used to create inventory.


Callaway County Circuit Court documents regarding State of Missouri v. Celia, a slave - 1855 Supreme Court case that set the precedent that enslaved women could not take legal action when raped by their masters even though rape was a crime Missouri Digital Heritage

A fertility doctor accused of blindsiding his own patients, confessing in court documents to using his own sperm with his patients as many as 50 times.

Unsealed GT Advanced Court Documents Give Insight Into Apple's Business Practices -

"Superior Court Judge Mark Juhas — who happened to have served on the Elkins Task Force — never ordered Sarah to return any of the $200,000 she admitted taking from Adam. By the spring of 2011, court documents show, the money was gone. She was not punished for defying the court’s order not to spend the money."


Trump Just Hired a White Supremacist Wife-Beater Who Hates Jews as Chief Strategist: Court Documents

2 writer and biotech shill Jon Entine exposed as violent instigator who physically attacked wife and traumatized daughter - court documents -

Court documents indicate the woman showed up drunk to a custody hearing.

FBI hacked into over 8,000 computers in 120 countries with just one warrant, court documents reveal

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Lawsuit accuses PACER of milking the public for cash in exchange for access