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The Supreme Court Decision: What It Means for You, Christian Read more at

High Court Decision finds that it is legal for the government to sideswipe environmental protection and bulldoze pristine bushland Community groups undeterred by Roe 8 High Court decision - Conservation Council of Western Australia

Access to the Free Law Reporter which publishes every recent appellate and supreme court decision from each state to federal court. Court Opinions from selected US Appellate, district, and bankruptcy court. Access to law libraries, blogs, atty, forms, research guides, dictionaries, etc.


Live Analysis of the Supreme Court Decision on the Voting Rights Act -

Statement from the National Organization for Marriage on the New Jersey Supreme Court Decision October 18, 2013 at 3:45 pm


The Worst Supreme Court Decisions Since 1960

Plessy v. Ferguson Primary Source Activity

Plessy v. Ferguson Primary Source Worksheet teaches students about one of the worst Supreme Court decisions in history, forcing African Americans to live with Jim Crow laws for the following 50 years. Students are guided through the case while examining excerpts of the Supreme Court decision. This can be used in class or as homework as it’s a completely stand alone assignment. This is also perfect for substitute teacher plans. And of course, a key is included.


New court decision could end California's restrictions on conceal-carry permits