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mystic messenger and luciel choi


19 Kisses Captured At The Perfect Moment

"Le baiser de l'hôtel de ville" de Robert Doisneau -1950- Sometimes, I wish I can tell you I miss you so much, and how much I wanna see you and kiss you like this


I want to hold you right now more than anything... come love on me and i'll love on you back!! I miss you baby!!! I really want you to be with me!!!


TOP 10 Emotional photos of animals

(Open rp, be the girl) it had been years since I was human, I know that sounds ridiculous, let me explain, I had gotten on a witches bad side so she turned me into a snow leopard then left me in the mountains, i just want to be human again...... Anyways back to the present, I was laying on a large Boulder to watch the clouds silently when I look down and see a few hikers, three men and two women, I watch then silently, my tail swishing softly


Photos de New York et Chicago des années 50 et 60 par Vivian Maier

Z for X...«...parce que je ne peux pas te le dire autrement et que personne d'autre que moi peut le percevoir avec l'intensité qui m'habite, aujourd'hui 2.07.2016 au café, j'ai " vu " tes parents, et ils m'ont ému. Ils sont incroyables ; ce n'est pas facile à expliquer sans faire croire que c'est pour charmer, mais ils sont magnifiques...» Z. for X et dommage que tu n'es rien compris de moi.....If a picture speaks a thousand words... This is one of my favorite Vivian Maier photographs.