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Living the homestead life for a year & a half and I still have to tell my old city girl self this sometimes lol..I'm learning though!

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Large Wood Sign - I was Born Country and Country's What I Love - Subway Sign - Farmhouse Sign - Country Sign - Home Decor - Inspiration

- great saying - seems to be my philosophy these days this was pinned from a retail site, so if you click through you will go to a storefront Use, Wear, Make Sign - Kruenpeeper Creek Country Gifts

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Okay, seriously? I love country music with everything I have. I'm even studying music business in Nashville right now so I can have a career in the industry. That being said, I hate when people say country music about summer. No. Some country songs are about summer, but the whole genre is not, so it should not be generalized in that way. Same with saying that it's about trucks, beer, etc.

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