Cough syrup names

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Addictive Prescription Drugs – Classification Addictive Prescription Drugs – Classification 1. Depressants Name Examples DEA Schedule Benzodiazepines Ativan, Valium, Xanax IV Barbiturates Amytal, Nembutal, II, III, V Sleep Medications Ambien, Lunesta IV 2. Opioids Name Examples DEA Schedule Codeine Codeine, Cough Syrups II, III, V Morphine Roxanol, Duramorph II, III Methadone Methadose, Dolophine II Fentanyl Actiq, Duragesic, Sublimaze II

Cough syrup addiction. This article is one writer's personal experience with this. Some side effects include hallucinations, psychosis and death just to name a few. And its not just teens who are doing it.

Elder, ogham name Ruis, rules 25th November to 22nd December. Elder is called the poor mans medicine chest because of the myriad medicinal and healing properties of all parts of the tree. The flowers make a light refreshing cordial, and the berries a rich red wine, also a soothing cough remedy.

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We have already studied in the earlier post about different home remedies for cough. Here, we are going to discuss about another important type of problem named Dry Cough. Dry cough is a cough which causes pain while coughing why because cough does not produce mucus (i.e. phlegm or sputum) and causes distress and dryness in … by charmaine

Onions are a necessary part of numerous traditional cuisines around the world, and it has been also used as a medicine for thousands of years. Namely, it is believed to be the most effective natural remedy for severe vomiting and is an excellent immune system booster. It belongs to the allium family and its powerful […]

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sharon-lai: Haunting lyrics: Cough Syrup - Young The Giant The first time I’ve heard this song was on my Glee season 3, episode 14, my most favorite, when a gay boy named Dave Karofsky was totally depressed because his so-called friends found out who he was and made fun of that. And he cry his eyes out in his room, put on his best suit and tried to kill himself. I had never cared about gay people before. Like, I knew that judging them for being born in the wrong shape was wrong, I never did…

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Ajwain leaves known as Karpooravalli leaves or Omavalli ilai in tamil is a herb well-known for its medicinal benefits for treating common cold, cough and throat infection for both adults and kids. It's also called mexican mint and the botanical name is Coleus aromaticus. In this post, we will see how karpooravalli leaves can be used in home remedies for treating cold, cough, throat pain and a few minor skin problems.

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J.L. Mathieu's Cough Syrup Marlboro Mass early 1900's (Cloudy) Current Bid: $3.00

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