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Corrugated Nails

from Etsy

Barn wood cabinet with corrugated steel made from 1800s barn wood

Barn wood cabinet corrugated steel in the door and back of the open shelf the inside back will have hardboard This is cabinet 3.75-4 inch total has 3 shelfs including the bottom that are 3 inches deep . made from barnwood from a 1800s southern minnesota barn wood vintage rustic barn wood shows signs of cracks nail holes knots. Has 2 holes on inside 16 on center mounting I will custom make this any size contact me.the cabinet may be purchased with or without sealer I also custom make recessed…

box stitching machine,two piece joint stitcher,Semi Auto Stitcher,cardboard stitching machine, 1. Adopt Import Double Servo Control System 2. Applied single, double and irregular corrugated carton stitching 3. Available for single, double and strengthen nail 4. Suitable for 3,5,and 7-Layer carton boxes 5. Operating sizes are adjusted by computer, running errors showed on the screen 6. Automatic counter ejector and bundle sheaves of cartons to make working efficiently

s for seasoning and storage of fuel wood using pallets and sheeting I found in free wood piles at a nearby industrial park. The used corrugated roofing is from a barn that was being dismantled and moved. I caulked the old nail holes to make the roofing waterproof. I positioned the woodsheds with their backsides facing the prevailing winds to keep the rain and snow from blowing in, while also providing maximum airflow to dry the wood.


Salon Hair & Nails Walk-Ins Welcome Curbside Sign, 24"w x 18"h, Full Color Double Sided

Our daughter wanted a rustic looking end table built out of a pallet. Here it is and she loves it! How we did it. Original nails were pulled, straightened and reused to keep the look grungy. Wood glue was used before nailing to strengthen joints. Places where the existing pallet had cracks (i.e.. character) were preserved by using corrugated nails for strength.


wood wall, would make a good accent wall. Could also use this method to adhere corrugated aluminum.


whenever you didnt know the name of a tool u'd just go shops and look for it or describe it to the assistant, but know if u dont know the name its hard to search for it. so i looked everywhere for me curly nails that join picture frame corners together or pieces of wood. finally found them they're called corrugated nails or wave