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Fat Witch Bakery's Legendary Chocolate Caramel Brownies are soft crisp gooey chocolate-y chewy decadent rich fudgy and cakey all in one bite.


Rustic Spanish bread (Pan Rustico)

The Spanish love their bread and after tasting this, so do we! With the starter mix, it’s halfway to a sourdough and it’s a good old-fashioned bread that keeps well.


Cape Town International Airport (CPT)

'Dear Me' brasserie in Cape Town, Francois du Plessis Interiors - A very charming multi-purpose outlet that combines an eat-in dining area, a pantry shop and the other-worldly White Room


Little places with big windows are a huge fave for me! If this were near me, I would go here, a lot, and sit in this window and eat and drink and dream.


12 Coffee shop interior designs from around the world

Java Love Cafe Sedona Az. Have these open bins to the left of the main entrance, build a plexy glass protect-ant wall with visually thick pieces of aged wood. This gives the buyer the ability to buy in bulk weighed by the cashier. Have a scale available


Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

If you want big chewy cookies like you see in bakery windows, then this is the recipe for you!


When we’re in need of a sweet treat, nothing hits the spot quite like an ice cream soda from the Lexington Avenue Candy Shop. This neighborhood institution has been serving up yummy old-fashioned ice cream concoctions like egg creams and malts since the 1950’s! The kitchy décor makes it a hit with parents and grandparents, while the soft serve cone will leave your little ones delighted.