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Day Planner Printable - EDITABLE - Daily planner, weekly planner, to do, checklist - INSTANT DOWNLOAD

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LADY IN WAITING - domina in exspecto. - Antique doll parts with resin bones. Resin skeleton, vintage net, silk, wire & flowers with ceramic skulls.

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SACRED & PROFANE - Antique German clock case with remade saint relic of clay, velvet and gold braid and foils. Antique doll figure.

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Lined in purple and set up for the Cornell note-taking method. This is my refill of choice for my circa if I'm using a fountain pen.

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The Common Crossbill is a small, pine-tree loving bird that lives throughout North America, Europe and Asia in spruce forests. In North America, it is known as the Red Crossbill.

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This daily planner page of Cornell note paper goes on the left-hand side of your desktop organizer sized datebook. It is oriented vertically. Free to download and print

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