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Corn Price Per Bushel

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Corn Prices Go Wild!

Corn Prices Go Wild! New all-time high of $8.15 per bushel.

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Corn prices hit record as crops shrivel - The Buzz - Investment and Stock Market News

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Vital Signs Chart: Soaring Corn Prices

TUESDAY, July 31, 2012 - The price of corn has soared during recent weeks as extremely hot and dry weather bakes states in the Midwest. Corn futures surged almost 22 cents on Monday to $8.20 per bushel, near the all-time high of $8.24½ hit on July 20. Investors are worried the U.S. drought will ravage crops. That has pushed corn up 27% this year and stirred fears of higher food prices.


Due to the ongoing drought affecting a large portion of the United States, the price of corn bushels are up “50%.” Because of the increase in the price of corn, many experts in a variety of fields are vocalizing their concerns with the use of corn to produce ethanol.

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Why $9 Corn Could Be a Big Problem for the Economy

If you've been to a supermarket in the past 2 months, you've noticed that the price of corn has surged 50%! Price momentum indicates corn could rise at least 21 percent over the next six months, putting $9.50 a bushel or even higher into play.


CORN/HOG RATIO - A feed ratio used to determine the profitability of raising livestock. The corn/hog ratio is the price of one hundred pounds of hog (cwt) divided by the price of a bushel of corn. The ratio is used to help farmers determine the value of a crop of corn is compared to the value of a hog that they would have to feed with the same crop of corn. via

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Mexico's corn farmers see their livelihoods wither away / Cheap U.S. produce pushes down prices under free-trade pact