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A curriculum mapping document which outlines the content of the new National Curriculum (2014+) for primary schools. There is one page for each year group (Y1-Y6) showing the expected content to be covered, including yearly outline for core subjects, a suggested sequence for History, and biennial sequences for other foundation subjects. Based on the final detail released in September 2013.


We are focusing on two Cumulative Progress Indicators to be reached by grade12: Critique evidence for the theory that the universe evolved as it expanded from a single point 13.7 billion years ago. (5.4.12.A.5) Argue, citing evidence (e.g., Hubble Diagram), the theory of an expanding universe. (5.4.12.A.6) Standards are from the State Department of New Jersey.


9th Grade English Common Core Unit 1 TEST

This is a comprehensive test that covers the Common Core Curriculum Unit 1 for 9th grade English. There are 58 multiple choice questions for "The G...

The Common Core Curriculum Mapping Project provides educators with high-quality, low-cost curriculum tools based on the Common Core State Standards.

sentence starters, art literacy. This could be used to have students sum up the semester or peer review class portfolios.


Free common core curriculum pacing guides!!!The picture is horrible, but the site is amazing!!

A year-by-year guide to core knowledge for home educators. Click on each photo for a helpful guide. THIS IS AN AMAZING RESOURCE!