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Fantastic Coral Reef Sculptures Made out of Household Objects

Artist Lynn Aldrich has created a fantastic series of coral reef sculptures out of household objects like plungers, mop heads, and sponges. She has more sculpture work, much of which is made from f…


just look at the world around you right here on the ocean floor, such wonderful things surround you! What more are you looking for? Under the sea...


Coral Reef Diorama craft: •Shoebox or similar-sized box •Printable card stock or construction paper •Crayons or colored pencils •Acrylic paint •White glue •Scissors •Paint brush •Pencil •Sand •Sea shells (optional) •Paper bowl or egg carton (optional)


"Sunlight coming in from the Academy's central square cast beautiful rays on the massive viewing pane of the Philippine Coral Reef. Solar energy powers the whole reef ecosystem. Algae is eaten by small invertebrates and herbivorous fish which are then eaten by carnivorous which expel nutrients which is then used up by the algae again. It's the circle of reef life!" By NMB.Photography