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99 coping skills poster - Here is a list of 99 coping skills that a student can use to make choices and use as a strategy in helping with disregulated emotions. Have your student make a list of coping strategies that they can keep with them as visual supports when they start to feel uncomfortable or stressed.

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A coping toolbox can help a child regulate themselves and their emotions by giving coping mechanisms for which they can rely on themselves.

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Help Kids Manage Anger: Free Printable Game

Social/ Emotional. Erikson. This also goes along with Eriksons 8 stages of development. The children learn what emotions are and that it's ok to feel them.

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Coping Skills From Hot To Cool Behavior Reflection Pack

Star breathing an essential Coping (life) Skills for everything from feeling nervous about a job interview or presentation to severe anxiety, panic, PTSD. Ways to calm my mind.

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Coping Skills Card Game (Uno ® inspired)

Coping Skills Uno is an Uno inspired game that your students will love playing! As students play, they are asked to answer questions that will test their coping skills and will help you to facilitate discussion regarding how to handle different situations and emotional regulation.

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