If it is in your nature to wallow in your sorrows or to obsess over finding one big solution for everything that's got you down in the dumps, try starting with the little things instead.

Beat the Blues: 32 Surprisingly Simple Ways

Feeling down? Here's how to lift your mood fast. Click for 101 ways to Boost Your Mood Immediately. Which is your favorite?

101 Ways to Boost Your Mood Immediately

If you are feeling down, this is the perfect place to go for new ideas to feel better right away! Foods to try, super-quick activities to help you feel better instantly! We all need a quick pick-me-up sometimes from sadness, depression, or anxiety.

Coping Strategies Fortune Teller Time to complete: 10-20 minutes Contraindications: Low cognition, inability to write, and scissor danger. OT goal: To discuss and identify healthy coping strategies for emotions of anxiety, stress, anger, depression or other negative emotions. Most importantly, effective personal coping skills will be identified.

Practicing Coping Strategies (with a craft!)

This fortune teller craft contains a list of 100 unique coping strategies for kids and young adults. Blanks and samples are also included. Stress can kill you!

Step up your self care with this free printable guide - click through to http://www.soul-warriors.com/self-care-guide/ to download your copy.

Self-Care Guide

Great guide for people suffering from a chronic pain condition, such as fibromyalgia, migraines, back pain and much more.

12-Sided Recovery Dice - could make this for anxiety or depression, kids dealing with bullies, etc.

Part of Self care tool kit . Recovery Dice - could make this for anxiety or depression, kids dealing with bullies, etc.

Depression effect  1 in 4 of us these days.  here are a few tip on how to deal with depression.  Do you have any other suggestions?  If so please feel free to add them to the comments box below!

Some great advice here for moving past the depression mindset and into the recovery mindset. - 7 Steps for Conquering Depression (Inforgraphic)

Anxiety disorder stats adolscent: study show that if a history of Anxiety disorder is in the family then the children will get it.  The children will also get, cancer and heart disease. Teens behavior is out of the ordinary for a teenager, 80% are diagnosed with Anxiety disorder, 60% are diagnosed for depression but are not getting any help

Coping Skills Checklist - Coping Skills for Kids My description: easy to access checklist for specialists to access when In need of tools for children. Goal is to aid specialists and add comfort to children.

A List of Coping Skills for Anger, Anxiety, and Depression. A really good article and list.

A List of Coping Skills for Anger, Anxiety, and Depression

50 Coping Skills for Teens — Kelley Stevens

50 Coping Skills for Teens

rather, this is a coping skills resource Contraindications – individuals who are unable to read OT Goals – encourage positive coping skills

Triggers And Coping Strategies For Depression Worksheet

Like all mood disorders, it is important for the patient to really understand their depression, how it affects them, and how they help or hinder their ability

Self Soothing Eating Disorder recovery Anxiety things to put in your toolbox

Let's Make A Coping Skills Toolbox!

[Image Descriptions: Let’s make a Coping Skills Toolbox! A Coping Skills Toolbox is a place for you to keep things that calm you down in periods of distress.

Printable handout, including one to fill-in for reflecting on personal use of varies strategies

Coping skills booklet by Australian MH Peer Worker Indigo Daya. This has been the most helpful resource for my recovery so far.