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Lady Emerald by Lighane on DeviantArt

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twilightciel: “I bought copic markers for the first time today! And I figured the best way to try them out was by coloring some D&P chibis. Btw, I have no idea what’s happening in that drawing. ”

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Heeheeheee my sketchbook may be out of order but I still have bristol paper for copic drawings (though this is more of a sketch). I'm tired and frustrated because earlier in Blade and Soul my party took 1.5 hours to clear a dungeon that should only take 20 mins or so because no one wanted to help each other (6 ppl should've paired up&split into 3 groups) and people kept leaving halfway through ヾ( ̄□ ̄;)ノ & I ended up not getting to finish my daily quests either askfhskfasksdjfhks…

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Tag Heuer Men’S Aquaracer Stainless Steel Watch (Wan2111.Ba0822)

Love the hair color!!! I think I actually have all of those colors too so I might try out that combo

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Used my final piece of paper I was saving for an emergency.....this isn't an… …

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