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Copa America History

Why America tells its people that the coffee is hot

Going to See Cassandra’s Portrait of Her Sister Jane Austen

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Vintage Ads (We bought them packaged this way or in the bite size in the box and then put them in the fridge)

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The cup into which the tea was poured was slightly cracked down the side and threatened to let forth a gush of the hot liquid at any moment. “Do you think perhaps we are leading more than one life at the same time?” Katlyn suddenly asked her mother, something about the teacup striking this note in her.

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these photos are mesmerizing... In all the stories my 87yr. Papa J.C. has told me, this is what I imagine his childhood home looking like.

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Argentinians snap up tickets in hope of seeing Lionel Messi make Copa America history

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Sands Expo Convention Center

The Sands Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, NV. (Demolished) Replaced by the Venetian Hotel and the Sands Expo Center

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